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Specializing in Business Law

Specializing in Business Law

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June 8, 2024: The new Federal Capital Gain Inclusion Rates, and the new BC Anti-Flipping Tax
Mar 9 2024: Five Most Common Real Estate Disputes: Part One
Nov 11, 2023 All About Probates: The Rules, the Procedures, the Costs, and the Timelines

Covid-19’s Impact on Real Estate in BC

Apr 21, 2020 - Real Estate legal update with Vancouver & Toronto Lawyers during Covid 19

About Us

Iven K. S. Tse has been providing legal services in residential/ commercial real estate, and corporate commercial, transactions for over twenty five years…


Immigration Law

Contemplating immigrating to Canada, or sponsoring a loved one such as a spouse, a same-sex partner, or parents?

Business and Commercial Law

Thinking of starting your own business? Wondering if you need to incorporate a company or not?


Real Estate Law

Congratulations on your new Detached Home or Condo Purchase. We understand your completion is scheduled in the near future.