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Business and Commercial Law


Business and Commercial Law

If you find yourself in any of these situations, consider consulting Iven K.S. Tse for his advice on any of these issues:

  • Thinking of starting your own business?
  • Wondering if you need to incorporate a company or not?
  • Incorporating but need help in creating an adequate share structure?
  • Trying to decipher the terms of a lease required by a landlord in a potential office or retail space?
  • Considering renting or leasing out your office or retail space?
  • Needing to find out if a potential tenant is a credit risk?
  • Wanting to make sure your financial loan to a person or business is safe and secure?
  • Need to borrow money from a bank or a private lender but their demands for collateral are extreme?
  • Considering taking on a partner at your business or company and needing advice?
  • Received a Disclosure Statement from a Franchisor and wondering what it means?
  • Received a wrongful termination claim or an anti-competition injunction application?

Iven K.S. Tse has been providing practical and effective legal advice for business clients for over ten years, with clients representing a full range of unique business circumstances: small businesses such as restaurants, hair salons, bookstores, and health care providers; professional businesses such as dentists, doctors, and pharmacists; and international or national businesses involved in shipbuilding, real estate investments, cosmetics manufacturing, import and export, textiles, and more.

We believe that each business problem or venture requires a unique solution or approach, and Iven K.S. Tse has successfully guided and advised clients on nearly every facet of a business venture. Whether you are a first time business owner, or thinking of expanding your business and company into new markets or locations, or if you are a landlord or a potential tenant, Iven K.S. Tse can take care of your legal needs so that you can focus on taking care of your business.




Things to keep in mind when running or buying a business.