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Detached Home or Condo Purchase

Condominium, Townhome, or Detached House Purchase

Detached Home or Condo Purchase

Congratulations on your new Detached Home or Condo Purchase. We understand your completion is scheduled in the near future. Although this may seem in the distant future, we recommend you consider arranging legal representation at this time, not only for the completion of your purchase, but also to review your documentation and ensure ongoing legal advice as construction progresses.

From our experience, a quick review now will ensure a smooth and worry free completion later on. In order for us to provide an accurate quote or sound advice however, please fill out our Real Estate Questionnaire so we can serve you better , A more detailed list of our real estate services is also available by contacting our offices.

Our offices are conveniently located on Broadway (one block away from Cambie). We are able to provide in-house translation for Cantonese or Mandarin speaking clients. Should you wish for our firm to represent you, please contact our office so that we may review your purchase documents and mortgage arrangements and discuss briefly the closing procedure to remove any uncertainties you may have.



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Detached Home or Condo Purchase
Detached Home or Condo Purchase

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