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Power of Attorney


Do you own property in B.C. or wish to purchase real estate, but are frequently out of the country for extended periods of time, making the purchase, management, or sale of your property difficult? Are you contemplating travel, or anticipating health complications and would like for someone to act on your behalf while you are away or while you are too ill to take care of our own affairs? Powers of Attorney are legal documents where a person can give the authority to someone else to act on that person’s behalf, whether this is for dealing with banks, buying or selling real estate, or any other matter that the person can do on his or her own. Powers of Attorneys are practical solutions to serious problems, but they also carry a lot of risk for the person giving these powers from abuse by the person who is given these powers. Contact Iven K.S. Tse to see if, and how, a carefully drafted Power of Attorney can provide you with a peace of mind, helping you take care of problems in your absence while ensuring that the powers are tailored to your particular needs.